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Tantric massage

A space for tantric massage from different cultures: traditional Tibetan tantra, Indian tantra and the European neo-tantric movement. The massage repetition found in this section is a combination of tradition and modernity, of what has been preserved with what is acceptable from the level of a modern person. The combination of Far Eastern traditions with the knowledge and experience of Europeans, while maintaining openness to what is new.


  Which tantric massage is best to start with?

Most of the tantric massage sessions included in the offer below are the Holistic Tantric Massage Programme by the House of Tantra. It is a programme which enables you to experience tantric massage in several steps advancement. In order to be transformed by the tantric touch, to feel and understand from the body level the sense and effectiveness of the tantric massage and to enable beginners to enter gently into the experience of tantric massage it is recommended that the sessions take place in order:

  1. Senses Wide Open
  2. Kashmir Massage
  3. Touch of Fire (optional)
  4. Dance of the Fiery Snake
  5. Birth of the Dragon
  6. Joni massage (optional)

Video – Tantric massage program

Pre-massage consultation

There is a possibility to take advantage of 1 hour consultation, during which you can learn much more about tantric massage, my way of working, talk about fears connected with participation in sessions, dispel doubts, see if it is worth using, if your previous knowledge, ideas and expectations coincide with what I offer. It is possible to determine the goal and the physical scope of the work. The consultation does not oblige to use the services.

Consultations can take place in 2 forms:
– Online consultation
– Consultation in a massage parlour

Initial interview

Before starting the session, an initial conversation is held, during which your intention for the massage is established. If necessary, any doubts about the massage are clarified. Your physical limits are established, which you can define freely. They are impassable, but possible to narrow during the massage – according to the principle: Your sense of safety is most precious to me. During the conversation before the massage, I teach you how to breathe consciously, which is an essential part of the tantric massage.

Available versions of tantric massage

Senses wide open

Senses Wide Open is a temple tantric massage designed to induce a deep feeling of relaxation and open the body to experiencing pleasure. It is a combination of Tibetan Tantric philosophy with Ayurvedic massage techniques, balancing the female and male energy in the body, harmonising the whole energy system, the inner union of Fire and Water, the love tango of Shiva and Shakti, the free flow of the Sun energy and the Earth energy.

Massageis dedicated to people who are beginning their adventure with tantric massage, who are opening themselves to accept their bodies and their nakedness. The massage takes place on a mat and includes an introductory ritual preparing for the massage, dry massage, feather massage, massage with a warm towel moistened with water and full body massage with warm oil together with the external area of the so-called intimate parts.

Tantric body work session includes:

  • An introductory talk (approximate duration 30 – 60 mins) – talking about your intention to come to the session, setting the physical boundaries of the work, introspection of conscious breathing , which is an important part of a tantric massage session,
  • Introductory ritual (20 min.) – preparing the body for tantric touch, combining female and male energy in the body,
  • Tantric massage (2.5 – 3 hours),
  • integration time (0.5 – 1 hour), i.e. time for a calm return to everyday life after the massage.

Total duration: Approximately 5 hours.

Masaż tantryczny Bydgoszcz - KAHI - Zmysły szeroko otwarte

Photo Bartek Biniecki

Senses Wide Open – the first stage of the basic tantric massage, in which the subtle energies in the body and its aura are moved

You can read more about the important elements of this massage here.

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Photo Bartek Biniecki

Kashmir Massage – a preliminary ritual to welcome the body before a session of tantric massage and connection at the level of consciousness

Kashmir massage session includes:

  • an initial interview (30 – 60 min.),
  • Introductory ritual (20 min.),
  • Kashmir massage (3 – 3.5 hours),
  • integration after the massage (0.5 – 1 hour).

Total duration: Approximately 5-6 hours.

Kashmir Massage

The massage takes its name from the region it originates from – Kashmir, which now covers the northern part of India, parts of Pakistan and China. Its purpose is to activate the dormant life energy Kundalini and direct it upwards into consciousness. The activated energy rises to clear energy channels, removing physical, emotional and spiritual blockages. Tantric Kashmir massageis oriented towards the feeling of pleasure, it provides a deep connection at the level of consciousness, heart and sexuality and its uniqueness lies in the special bodily closeness between the person giving and receiving the massage.

This proximity provides a field of opportunity to get rid of:

  • the negative associations associated with it,
  • fears programmed by general social norms,
  • barriers related to gender, body and partner dependency.

The tantric ritual of Kashmir massage is the science of accepting touch, allowing intimacy without guilt, self-criticism and taking pleasure in it. The session takes place on a mat and includes meditation of the 3 chakras and massage with warm oil on the body’s sides, back and front.

Here you can find out more about intimacy in tantric massage.

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Masaż tantryczny - Dotyk Ognia

Photo Bartek Biniecki

Touch of Fire – opening the gates of fire in tantric massage

Touch of Fire

The Tantric Touch of Fire massage is a ceremony and lesson in welcoming yourwhole body, reconnecting with your sexuality and honouring it bodily and spiritually. Learning to accept your divinity and the unique beauty of your body and psyche. Mentally and energetically connecting the sexual space with the rest of the body and looking at it from a heart level.

Raising the inner fire to burn out the old and give space for the ‘new’ to emerge. Expanding the energy within the body and outside the body. The process of erasing cultural fears, life and generational anxieties, by loosening physical and energetic tensions. The act of opening the often separated from the body, stigmatised sexuality and getting to know the source of its power.

Themassage is performed on a mattress with warm oil and includes elements of body to body, joni or lingam massage.

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Dance of the Fiery Snake

A healing-orientedtantric massage ritual in which the serpentine energy (fire) hidden in the lower body and sexuality is awakened and invoked in order to channel it to the heart and transform it. Hidden serpentine structures can represent our repressed fears, repressed emotions, suffering, rejection, which unconsciously manifest in everyday life and can interfere with our relationships with the environment.

When the serpentine structures are released during a massage session, when we give them the right to appear and speak, then what was previously hidden in darkness sees the light, transforms within, changes, heals through the heart and goes away. What is unconscious dissolves into consciousness. That which has been repressed is accepted. Then purified, free from fears, we stand in the fullness of inner power and in the creation of existence.

The massage is performed on a mattress using warm oil and includes a full body massage along with a chakra, yoni or lingam massage. It is aimed at people with experience in tantric massage.Depending on your intention, the session can also have a pleasure character.

Masaż tantryczny - Taniec ognistego węża - KAHI Bydgoszcz

Photo Bartek Biniecki

Dance of the Fire Snake – an element of purifying tantric massage in which two snakes wrap around the right – male part of the body

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Masaż tantryczny - Dotyk Ognia

Photo Bartek Biniecki

Birth of the Dragon – a part of the tantric massage in which the Dragon, after being born, spreads its wings, stands in power and learns to fly

Birth of the Dragon

Tantric massage for advanced recipients of tantric touch. This session can be compared to the transformation of a pupa into a butterfly – leaving the world based on the three-dimensional reality and moving into the multidimensional space. This massage can be done when you are ready to meet the dark, deeply hidden parts of your being. In readiness to plunge into difficult experiences from the past, to see one’s weaknesses, fears, complexes, findings determining the sense of value, repressed parts with which it was difficult to face up to now. In readiness to cut off the energy entanglements that are weighing us down.

It is a deeply cleansing tantric massage process leading to healing, involving activating one’s animal nature and embracing it as it appears,to give it the opportunity to resonate and express itself. To say goodbye to the old, to step out of one’s comfort zone and feed the power of the inner fire that burns away all that is superfluous. To surrender to the symbolic death and find yourself in the void. So that a new life can be born in the heart, a new quality – free from the programs that determine our lives, burdened with burdensome weaknesses, a power full of life creation. A dragon that, by the power of inner fire, removes obstacles and makes room for the new. A being who, by the power of his wings, rises above everything that in his previous incarnation prevented him from leaving the ground. A dragon in flight, in the guidance of pure, luminous energy flowing from the heart.

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Joni massage

Tantric massage for women. Celebrating the feminine and above all its intimate and mystical aspect. Honouring, loving Joni and connecting her with the rest of the body through a gentle, sensual and tender touch. Opening the body to new, often unknown sensations, not necessarily limited to the release of tension, but deriving pleasure from the touch itself.

Deepening your relationship with your Joni, discovering her response to touch, relaxation and the joy of feeling more deeply and celebrating female sexuality in connection with the heart. The session includes a full body massage and Joni massage with individual attention and respect for boundaries.


Joni massage

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Masaż tantryczny - Dotyk Ognia

fot. Bartek Biniecki

Masaż tantryczny – Powitanie przed masażem

Package – Holistic Tantric Massage Programme

Package of tantric sessions, for people who want to experience working according to the Holistic TANTRIC MASSAGE PROGRAMME, consisting of 5 massage and couching sessions:

1. Senses Wide Open
2. Kashmiri Massage
3. Dance of the Fire Snake
4. Birth of the Dragon
5. Joni Massage

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