Opinions about Piotr Blue

My customers reviews


Opinions about Piotr Blue

My customers reviews


Masaż lomi lomi opinie. Kursanci Lomi Lomi patrzą w obiektyw kamery. Ich uśmiech to najlepsza opinia.

Lomi Lomi massage reviews, Tantric massage reviews..

Lomi Loim massage reviews, impressions and customer experiences.

I encourage you to add feedback about your experiences, impressions and results after a massage or course. Your feedback will help others to make a decision, for me it allows me to see what is good and what may need improvement.

I warmly encourage you and thank you in advance for your feedback!

Piotr Blue

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About courses

Aloha Dears. I am incredibly grateful to the Universe, it was not a coincidence, it was destiny that I was able to attend Peter’s Lomi Lomi Nui massage course. It is the best unearthly and fantastic experience of my life, in every way, professionally, emotionally, in personal transformation, opening to the world, finding myself. I have a huge gratitude from the bottom of my heart to Peter, who is an incredibly good, open and tender person, and has a huge experience in bodywork! I highly recommend Piotr’s courses.


We bury our feelings so deeply in our souls: grief, sadness, fear, joy. In doing so, we lock ourselves away. The longer we allow it, the harder it is to come out. We forget about ourselves. I decided to make a present to myself, to reward myself for everything I have done for myself throughout my life. I signed up for the Lomi Lomi Nui Massage course with Peter Blue. It was 8 extraordinary days. There I discovered my deepest fears, pain but also joy, sensitivity and gentleness, love, freedom. I allowed myself to love everything that came and to be set free in the light. I recommend the course run by Peter to everyone who wants to open themselves to the beauty of this world, especially the beauty that is in each of us. Miracles happen and magic is everywhere. This is an EXCELLENT course. I am grateful to you, Peter, for the wonderful time, warmth, love, freedom and knowledge that you gave me from your heart. Your massage, Peter, is exceptional. It is touching the soul with tenderness, openness and attentiveness. It is loving each part of the body with Love. Thanks to you, my soul could rise with lightness. You are a wonderful teacher with a luminous soul. I will share massage with others with joy and love. Thank you to everyone who enveloped me during the course and supported me. I am grateful to have met you.


Grateful for what you are, that you are…. Real and that’s the BEST thing about you. I really lack words for you Peter…. I was overwhelmed by your openness and the simplicity of your wise words…. Grateful. I’m glad there is a CHAMPION IN POLAND, and I think I can say something about it, because I was healed by massages (30-40 sessions during 2-3 years) with a CHAMPION (Michał Bieńkowski Kaniho) AAAAAAAAA NUI NUI…


Lomi Lomi massage reviews: Nui and tango… It is an unearthly experience…
The soul of the leading massage Peter moved my soul and emotions that were to resound.
I felt all the elements. First a touch like the touch of a butterfly, reminding me that I am here, grounding me, then I felt energy flowing through my whole body and it became hot, fire on my body and in my heart. Then the element of water as my hands moved smoothly over my body, sparkling like water. And at the end of the massage the wind and air, enveloping my body with attentiveness.
A beautiful experience, an amazing transformation of emotions trapped in the body after the massage for a long time to come.
Thank you for this wonderful experience during the first part of the course Lomi Lomi nui massage, I can not wait for the second part and what I can offer this massage to people
I am grateful and thankful Peter, that you share this method with us.


I warmly recommend him to everyone! Peter is a great teacher but even better a man and above all an open soul whose intuition reaches further than you can imagine! His massage is pure POEZIA. After the first five days of the Lomi Lomi Nui course I left transformed. Open to touch, to my body but also to the diversity of bodies around me. I am extremely grateful for this experience. The workshop introducing the Hawaiian culture is essential to perform this massage with all your soul as befits Lomi.


Dear Peter, what you do cannot be counted into money, for me you are worth millions. Thank you and I am grateful that I could experience your touch, hear your beautiful voice. I am grateful and happy that I could be with you on the Lomi Lomi Nui massage course. You are a Master in the full sense of the word.

Anna Zaradna

About Lomi Lomi Nui massage

Peter, thank you so much for today’s session, it was no ordinary Lomi Lomi, it was a journey between dimensions, through the whole range of senses. I moved between soul and body with such lightness as never before. I experienced pleasure from pain, it was an amazing feeling how you followed my body with such subtlety and knew exactly what I needed. I couldn’t believe that my hand, which has been severely restricted for over 2 years, was dancing along with you and I was following along with great pleasure. I can’t wait for the next time. Aloha


Today I was in a lomi lomi massage for the first time. It took me 12 years to dare. They say you have to be naked. This blocked me from making a decision. I was also wondering if I wanted to be massaged by a woman or a man. I looked for a practice and found Kahi’s website on the internet. I had not heard anything about Peter before, so I was a little afraid. I decided to call and talk to him. The conversation dispelled my first fears and I made an appointment for massage. Kahi meeting and massage conducted very professionally, I felt comfortable and my nakedness was wrapped in a scarf.

Thank you very much Peter for your professionalism


Lomi Lomi massage effects: This was new to me. The massage turned out to be a hit. Relaxation of the body and spirit. Thanks to Peter and his professionalism, I overcame some fears, “cleared” my head and was able to focus completely on the “here and now”. I highly recommend it to everyone! Thanks again Peter, see you 😉


Peter – thank you for another Lomi massage. For another heavenly experience. For the love flowing from your heart
heart through your wonderful, inspired hands. For the touch, which is not an earthly touch, but the touch of wings
of a beautiful, full of colours butterfly….. Thank you for the space you create – full of respect, understanding,
love for the world. Thank you.


I have an overwhelming need to share with you the thoughts and feelings that are filling my head and
heart. I received a gift from my Daughters on the occasion of their birthday. It was an invitation for a Lomi Lomi Nui Nui massage to Mr.
Peter. I waited, I piled up obstacles, I had a huge anxiety inside me. Only the thought that my daughters are waiting, motivated me
me to make an appointment for my first massage. Thursday, 7.40 p.m. – I entered Mr. Piotr’s
Peter’s office and I felt wonderful energy there. Conversation with the host and stories about massage convinced me to
take up the challenge… and praise me for it! Heated massage table, scarves, colours, music, candles – I was in heaven
or still on earth? The wonderful smell of coconut oil… oh, momentarily back! And now I will sing songs and praise
the divine hands of Mr. Peter- it is impossible to describe their dance. You threw away the burdens and worries from my soul and left lightness
and colours. My heart was beating joyfully. Peace, peace, peace… “The world is what you want it to be” is what you said
… Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for the massage and now I ask for more myself. Thank you, my


The Peloha massage allows you to appreciate the importance of touch, switching off your other senses. During the massage you can indulge in a deep
meditation and the feeling of the inner self. The energy floating in the air vibrates and the body relaxes from the rudder and tension of
of everyday life. The sensations are invaluable, you have to feel it yourself – I highly recommend it.


Peloha massage – gentle, extremely stimulating to the senses and incredibly relaxing. The scent and sound filling the interior
interior and Mr Peter’s hands made my head completely free of thoughts, and my body experienced the touch
on a completely different level of consciousness. It was an unforgettable time…


I was extremely lucky to experience Lomi Lomi massage performed by Mr. Peter. Mystical experience, full relaxation!
I really like this form of relaxation, but the first time the massage was performed so well. You are a miracle worker and
very warm, special man, so I did not feel embarrassed. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you Mr.
Peter!!! See you on the next massage 🙂

Ewa C.

Temple Lomi Lomi Massage reviews: Performed by Kahuna Peter, this is a wonderful spiritual feast for the senses and a
A transformative journey harmonizing the body, emotions, mind and soul. Thanks to the healing touch of Lomi I completely
pain in my neck, shoulder blades, spine, heart and jaw, with which I had been struggling for several years, visiting various
specialists who were unable to deal with it. Besides, thanks to the meditative visions during the Lomi massage
I have received many answers to key questions in my life, which has caused transformations on many levels
on my Path. Lomi works holistically and multidimensionally. Such a unique Spiritual Gift is extremely rare.
rare. From a grateful Heart I recommend !!! P. S. I feel like a newborn 🙂 My Heart is more open to the world
world and to people


I had the great pleasure to experience a concert on Tibetan bowls and lomi lomi nu massage is a magical
experience…I recommend to all stressed people 🙂


I have had a lomi lomi nui massage dozens of times, but only a few times was it a hand and heart massage!!!!! Lomi massage
lomi nui massage by mr Peter is worth every penny spent on it!!!!! It is worth nowadays
stop…. and come to meet yourself with the beautiful help of such a good masseur!!!!!

Justyna S.O

Lomi massage performed by Peter is a magical experience 🙂 Already his personality makes the man
even before the massage feels relaxed :). I was the first time and certainly will be back! I recommend 🙂


The Lomi Lomi Nui massage was a wonderful experience of acceptance, love and harmony for me. Peter, I am glad that
that you stood on my path and I know that we will meet more than once :)The

Zielony Koralik

A sensational Lomi Lomi Nui massage. Mr. Peter is an amazing man, who puts a lot of heart in what he
what he does. I recommend to everyone!


I had the opportunity to try three massages with Mr Peter: argan oil, Lomi Lomi and sound massage. All
are wonderful. However, I had the biggest impression after the sound massage. I approached it very skeptically and
The effect was beyond my wildest expectations. For the first time I was able to “switch off”. I felt like I was freeing myself from
tensions, stress, everyday life. The gentle, subtle sound of the bowls relaxed not only my body but also my spirit. It calmed down, quietened down and
stayed in my head for a long time. Already after the first such massage I felt incredibly relaxed. It is my
favourite massage, which allows to relieve all bad moments. I recommend it to everyone who needs to “switch off” from the
grey everyday life. It is a completely different massage, unique.


I had the opportunity to experience a massage. I am delighted, relaxed, full of new energy. My husband invited me for a massage, it was a great gift. Thank you. I recommend, full relaxation. Best regards


I had the opportunity to experience Lomi Lomi Nui massage. I am delighted, relaxed, full of new energy and I
I hope that there will be an opportunity to repeat this pleasure. I highly recommend !!!


One of the most beautiful Lomi Lomi massages I have ever experienced. Peter has two big, hot and
radiating love hearts instead of hands. Beautiful journey into yourself under the care of a warm and good man,
who is also a fantastic Therapist. I sincerely recommend.

Ania Z.

Thank you very much, Peter, for the massage yesterday. It was a wonderful experience, something amazing happens during
massage, not only on the physical level. I have been waiting a long time for something wonderful to happen in my life and finally,
this moment has finally come. It cannot be described, it has to be experienced and felt. I am still impressed.
Thank you 🙂
I forgot to add that this is a massage Lomi Lomi feedback Nui, although probably the others are equally amazing!!!


Hello Peter! You are a very inspiring man for me. Thank you and keep massaging because you massage well.
Stay warm 🙂 P.S. Thanks for the lift 😉

Piotr K.

He is very professional, gentle, passionate and attentive to the other person and the body that needs touching… Peter and his
his openness to be here and now soothes, calms and heals… Body – Soul – Mind I recommend!!!

Monika M.

I highly recommend. for 2 years Peter regularly massages my body ! Amazing professionalism, commitment and passion.
Previously, I had no idea that massages can work such wonders, although I used the services of other masseurs.
Relaxation for the body and soul – in the full sense of the word.


About tantric massage

In deep meditation I had a vision that I was embarking on an unknown journey towards freedom. A week later, after a surprising coincidence, I was greeted at the door by a pair of attentive eyes that momentarily dissolved all barriers within me. I sat in the sunshine and had a long conversation with Peter, as if with a long-lost friend. Time also dissolved, giving way to pure presence. When I felt ready, I stood on the bank, the shawl slowly fell to the floor, and I lay down in anticipation of the journey. The first thing I felt was not a touch, but the rocking of the boat as Peter boarded it. Singing, he slowly bounced off the shore and rowed through calm waters shrouded in mist from which more experiences emerged. Peter the guide took me through many lands, ruled by stillness, tenderness, excitement, wildness, liberation, joy. Holding each other, we ran through the wilderness until we were breathless enough to bathe in a waterfall of tears. When Peter got ashore, I lay for a long time in stunned silence, and when I opened my eyes, I marvelled at the empty ceiling plunged into darkness. We talked for a very long time into the night. I cannot express my gratitude to Peter for this mystical experience, for the timeless space he gave me, full of attentiveness, openness and acceptance. One of the most beautiful experiences of my life, the first in which I felt myself so deeply.
Thank you Peter and I bow to your mastery!


Ponieważ pochodzę z Niemiec, dzielę się swoim doświadczeniem w języku niemieckim, polskim i angielskim. Chcę, aby jak najwięcej ludzi zrozumiało.

Dzięki jeszcze raz! To było naprawdę wspaniałe doświadczenie. Zostałem dotknięty przez ciebie w sposób, w jaki nigdy wcześniej nie byłem dotykany ani poruszany. Nie fizycznie, seksualnie, ale energetycznie. To była czysta miłość, największa energia, najcenniejsza rzecz, jaką możemy dać, najpiękniejsza rzecz, jaką można otrzymać i niezbędna do wewnętrznego uzdrowienia. Dziękuję za cudowne uczucie, którego mogłem doświadczyć poprzez Twój kaszmirowy masaż i Twoje kochające dłonie. Dziękuję za wasze przywiązanie do tego, co robicie i za waszą energię, z którą się dotykacie, a tym samym służycie uzdrowieniu i rozwojowi. Co za wspaniały prezent … Przez kilka dni mój system energetyczny był w ruchu i rozpoczął transformację, która wciąż trwa. Czuję się jak w nowym pokoju, do którego chciałem wejść od dawna, ale nie wiedziałem. Jak ziarno, które czekało na zasianie, a teraz, w swoim własnym tempie, pozwala mu rosnąć w świetle, rosnąć i kwitnąć, dzięki sile i energii, które zawsze we mnie mieszkały.

Jesteś wspaniały!


Da ich aus Deutschland komme, teile ich meine Erfahrung auf deutsch, polnisch und englisch. Ich möchte, dass es möglichst viele Menschen verstehen.

Nochmals vielen Dank! Es war wirklich eine großartige Erfahrung. Ich wurde von dir auf eine Weise berührt, wie ich noch nie zuvor berührt und bewegt wurde. Nicht bezüglich der körperlichen, sexuellen Weise, sondern in energetischer Weise. Es war pure Liebe, die größte Energie, dass wertvollste was wir geben können, das schönste was es zu empfangen gibt und unabdinglich für innere Heilung. Vielen Dank die das wunderschöne Gefühl, dass ich durch deine Kaschmir-Massage und deine liebevollen Hände erfahren durfte. Vielen Dank für deine Zuneigung zu dem was du tust und deiner Energie, mit der du berührst und so der Heilung und dem Wachstum dienst. Was für ein großartiges Geschenk…

Noch Tage danach war mein Energie System in Bewegung und es brachte eine Transformation in Gang die noch anhält. Ich fühle mich wie in einem neuen Raum, den ich schon lange betreten wolltexe aber nicht wusste. Wie ein Samenkorn, der darauf gewartet hat ein gepflanzt zu werden und nun, ganz in seinem Tempo, ans Licht wachsen darf, um dort zu wachsen und zu erblühen, aus der, mir wohl immer schon, inne wohnenden Kraft und Energie heraus.

Du bist großartig!


As I come from Germany, I share my experience in German, Polish and English. I want as many people as possible to understand.

Thanks again! It was really a great experience. I have been touched by you in a way that I have never been touched and moved before. Not in a physical, sexual way, but in an energetic way. It was pure love, the greatest energy, the most valuable thing we can give, the most beautiful thing there is to receive and essential for inner healing. Thank you for the wonderful feeling that I was able to experience through your cashmere massage and your loving hands. Thank you for your affection for what you do and your energy with which you touch and thus serve the healing and growth. What a great gift … For days afterwards my energy system was still in motion and it started a transformation that is still going on. I feel like I am in a new room that I wanted to enter for a long time, but I didn’t know. Like a seed that has been waiting to be planted and now, at its own pace, is allowed to grow to the light, to grow and bloom there, from the strength and energy that has always resided in me.

You are great!


Tantric massage feedback: It is a multi-dimensional experience, from the physical ( working with complexes and shame) to crossing the magical border into the world of spirituality (acceptance and pleasure)… Peter, thank you again for this journey. The best gift one could ever dream of!


Hello Peter.

I wanted to thank you again for today’s experience. 

It was an extremely significant day for me, I crossed my impassable boundary, my sacred space was until now only available to my husband. I stepped out of my beliefs that I cherished and considered valuable, which were very limiting and kept me trapped.

I am grateful to myself for daring to take this step and to you for the space you created for me. 

I was afraid of an er…tic undertone during the session not necessarily from your side, I myself did not know what could happen from my side (I am not talking about intentional behaviour)

It was a ritual and not a massage for me and that was supportive in going through the experience. It allowed me to allow myself the pleasure that flowed through me, with your participation in a safe form.

I feel lightness and peace in my body and joy in my heart. 

It is important that my morality has been realised and tamed. 


Potwierdzam magiczna moc i atmosferę którą Piotr potrafi wytworzyć podczas sesji. Porozumienie bez słów działa wszędzie, wystarczy być otwartym/ otwarta i z szacunkiem podchodzić do każdej relacji. Prowadzenie i słuchanie 15 na 10 😉 – dziękuje Piotr za wymianę energii i niesamowita lekcję życia. Chcesz cudów cuduj sam 🙂 Cuda u Piotra były dla mnie podrożą w nieznane albo i znane 😉 piękne magiczne miejsca 🙂 Polecam 🙂
Magdalena BellaYogaTime


Thank you for every tantric massage session! 🙂 
I have not met before in our country in any salon / massage parlor with such a competent and conscious treatment of the body in a holistic approach. (I must add that I use massages for decades, and with tantra encountered already twenty years ago – so I gathered observations and experiences in this area)
Mr Peter is a passionate with great knowledge and skills, has a fantastic, individual and empathetic approach to the visitor of his atelier. 🙂


Tantric massage reviews: “Senses wide open”. The session started with a talk, introduction, explanation of the essence of this massage. This created an atmosphere of understanding, safety, trust. This allowed me to open up more to the massage, to perceive it with every sense. It was beautiful to stimulate the senses in many ways including oriental music, the smell of incense, the warmth of candles, the touch of delicate feathers, hot towels, warm oil. If I had to describe this session I would say that it was a very subtle, deep, sensitive and full of presence touch. It is such a sensual journey.

Thanks to the atmosphere that Piotr creates and his masterful handling of the body of the person being massaged, you can learn to enjoy your carnality and sexuality. My life forces were awakened and all the blockages I had inside me, which stood in the way of feeling pleasure and bliss, were released. The beautiful thing is that each time I leave the massage from Peter full of good energy, positively tuned to life, to the world. I felt harmony and lightness.

Massage effects and full relaxation accompanied me for a long time. I recommend and wish that everyone let themselves experience such a massage to feel that you live ! Thank you, Peter !


I received another massage from you. And once again I experienced an extraordinary sensation!!! I expected the next massages to be repetitive, similar, that I would know what to look forward to. Nothing more mistaken. Subsequent massages are successive reveals of more and more other dimensions of reality (or actually something beyond reality). Following you in successive steps I reached tantra. I thought that by choosing tantra I would reach the end of the road and stay there. And it turned out that I have reached a place from which you open up new horizons, that this is not the end of the road, but the beginning of a new dimension…… The last massage: “Senses Wide Open”. A beautiful name, which (as it turned out) is the best description of this ritual…. Initially a conversation, then the Greeting. Long, attentive. A beautiful reverence and respect for the person to be massaged. I felt like a Goddess being paid homage to; beautifully, naturally, without unnecessary pathos. I was gifted with a feeling that I don’t experience in everyday life. You brought me into another dimension, Peter – heavenly, divine, I felt completely unique and convinced that I fully deserve these feelings. An amazing introduction to massage. I experienced “looking into the third eye” for the first time. A feeling that is difficult to describe. Very quickly I was completely at peace. The image began to blur. I was transported into another dimension. My wide-open eyes saw swirling, beautiful, colourful colours, which permeated each other. I completely forgot that the main part of the massage hadn’t even started yet……

And finally the massage – “Senses wide open”, surrounded by beautiful music.

Peter, every massage received from you so far has been like an Angel’s touch. An unexplainable phenomenon for me: a sure, strong masculine touch, which in feeling is like the subtle touch of a phenomenal butterfly. Your attentiveness, subtlety and gentleness make your hands “flow” over the body. It was surprising to me that it can be so delicate and so “powerfully energetic” at the same time. Peter – in one place and at one time you evoked two phenomena – unimaginable delicacy and subtlety, which led to the eruption of a volcano, an inner fire, which ignited every particle of my body and my soul. I could feel the energy flowing literally everywhere. It was circulating, bubbling, I felt like I was going to explode. And while the fire was burning in me, you were worshipping my body with extraordinary attentiveness and subtlety. Until my mind switched off. I drifted away, reality remained beyond me. I only felt in the metaphysical realm. And in this feeling, with the second part of the massage, you brought me to absolute bliss and peace. You “put to sleep” the volcano, cooled the flowing lava and extinguished the burning fire. The peace and bliss you brought me into made me feel heavenly and wonderful. Your touch full of love, radiating from your heart, your two hearts instead of hands, made me stir up my long dormant senses and let the energy full of love for people and the world flow freely.

It is a great gift, when love awakens in the Hearts of people……..

Peter – may the Universe bless you and your loved ones!!!!!

Thank you with all my heart filled with love and gratitude.


Tantric massage reviews: “Senses wide open”. The session started with a talk, introduction, explanation of the essence of this massage. This created an atmosphere of understanding, safety, trust. This allowed me to open up more to the massage, to perceive it with every sense. It was beautiful to stimulate the senses in many ways including oriental music, the smell of incense, the warmth of candles, the touch of delicate feathers, hot towels, warm oil. If I had to describe this session I would say that it was a very subtle, deep, sensitive and full of presence touch. It is such a sensual journey.

Thanks to the atmosphere that Piotr creates and his masterful handling of the body of the person being massaged, you can learn to enjoy your carnality and sexuality. My life forces were awakened and all the blockages I had inside me, which stood in the way of feeling pleasure and bliss, were released. The beautiful thing is that each time I leave the massage from Peter full of good energy, positively tuned to life, to the world. I felt harmony and lightness.

Massage effects and full relaxation accompanied me for a long time. I recommend and wish that everyone let themselves experience such a massage to feel that you live ! Thank you, Peter !


‘Senses Wide Open’ was the second tantric session for me. And how different – after the strong, arousing experience of the previous massage. I experienced now indefinable power, magic, divinity … Already at the beginning, full of love and respect ritual of greeting the body (which I like and accept in everyday life) moved me to tears … and then it was only more beautiful 🙂 Meditation and looking into the 3rd eye was a great curiosity. It is impossible to describe these sensations!

My body was endowed with various touches: delicate strokes of feathers, warm towel bringing to mind associations with washing by waves… and finally, the enchanted, blessed Hands of the Virtuoso of touch, with which I love to be pampered <3 Mystical music, beloved scents and candlelight completed the sensual delight. I did not expect to be met with such intensity of flow. The energy rippled in a miraculous way: the fire, which was built on the level of the sacrum, burned in such a way that I did not recognize my own breathing… And a moment later, I experienced extinguishing, tranquillity… and this is what I needed! My feminine power was tamed gently and safely, I finally felt the balance between the polarised energies in my own Temple return. The meeting of the chakras in the proximity of the giving and receiving body was absolutely fantastic. Harmony. Connection. A spiritual ecstasy that I seem to have experienced for the first time in my life. Joy, lightness and great excitement about what I was experiencing made me cry uncontrollably… The traumas came back for a while, the memories of the medical treatments I was subjected to in order to be cured, and they only increased the suffering… I understood that my pain-ridden body needs and fully deserves a touch filled with tenderness, adoration and THAT is the way to healing. “Here I am before you beloved. Naked, before you beloved”… A catharsis of life (!) I woke up changed, born again and simply weeping with happiness. You are the Chosen One, Peter… Boundless gratitude for the fact that the Universe gave you to us flows from my heart! <3

Mano Azul

Every massage at KAHI is a divine, unique experience for me 🙂 Recently I had the pleasure to experience a relaxing Massage for Two…. and it is impossible to put it into adequate words! First of all, at no time did I have the impression that there was a lack of a ‘second hand’ masseur on my body (Peter massages 2 people at the same time; it is still difficult for me to comprehend with my mind how he does it) – On the contrary, I felt a connection with my loved one lying on the other table and a beautiful flow of energy, thanks to the magical Connector between us. The massage itself is really special; the movements smooth, delightful, filled with Love…. I also didn’t know that a face massage could be so nice 😉 And massaging my shoulder girdle on my back was a mystical experience of being taken care of and loved, I felt like a little child! One could write elaborates on what fantastic skills and gift Peter has.

I’ll be brief: your hands, Peter, simply radiate Love, and there is a light in your eyes that ignited an inner, forgotten fire in me… ALOHA <3


Once upon a time I had a dream that I would meet a man who, just like me, would like to explore deeper dimensions of
of sexuality and we would go together to tantra workshops. No such man appeared as my life partner,
but life unleashed me with Peter. From the very beginning I felt that I could behave and be free – which does not
means that I was right away 😉 but from the beginning I felt an invitation to be fully myself. With the promise that as
I am at the moment – I am fully accepted. It is very contagious and after a while I knew that I allow myself
myself everything and that I accept myself fully. This feeling accompanies me till now. The tantric massage has allowed
me to look at myself through the eyes of love. The so far repeated slogan “love yourself” took on a completely
dimension – it manifested itself through incredible tenderness, which I felt towards myself in practically every
aspect of my life. Moment to last 🙂 you are beautiful! Thank you

Paulina G.

Peter, thank you for another wonderful massage. Heavenly, velvety, perfectly “felt” – every movement finished with
maximum attention and filled with appropriate time; without hurry, extremely tender, safely…… and
yet with just the right intensity and force, giving a sense of stability. You moved the emotions, you made them flow freely
flow freely…. You created an incredible space. Heaven on earth. Safe peace on a beautifully stormy sea……
May the Universe bless you every day…….


I would like to express enormous gratitude, which cannot be expressed in words, because it concerns experiences from the sphere of the
Sacrum – the sphere of Spirit, inexpressible in words, because our mind has no access there. However, everything happens through
through the human body – the whole experience can be shared by God and Goddess. The Goddess in me folds her hands
in prayer and bows with gratitude for the gift of miraculously experiencing God in you. Peter, I am deeply
moved by the divine energy flowing from you: love, kindness, tenderness, gentleness and at the same time
overpowering and giving an enormous sense of security – masculine strength, conscious and enlightened presence and enormous
sensitivity, feeling – above and through the limits of the body. The space you create and energise creates
miracles. Waves of this delightful, orgasmic energy pierce my body still, even though the massage ended many
hours ago. The awareness of how much a person can give to another person in such a beautiful and simple
The awareness of how much a human being can give to another human being in such a beautiful and simple way through touch is almost numinously striking, reaching the limits of the divine within us. It was an extremely
healing experience. You allowed me to go to the edge of the cold universe, the black abyss, where
particles of my soul died a long time ago, I lost something important then. You anchored my presence in the body – my
life, with your energy – tenderly massaging my body. I came back from that journey reborn, winged. I regained my lost
I regained my lost wings, they were reborn, energised by the weave of divine energies created during this massage. And at the end I received
a gift of the knowledge of what they are used for and a wonderful experience of how to use them. During the beautiful massage ceremony
You also healed my throat by taking off another hoop – it was freed from another huge burden.
You allowed me to understand what letting go and releasing is. Thank you for allowing the divine energy to work through
through your body and your life and that you are following your path of development by combining full professionalism with spirituality.
I bless you and your loved ones with all my heart.


I warmly welcome all visitors to this site… I am after another tantric massage, after another
journey into myself … I highly recommend this massage to people who want to know better their body and soul …. this massage
allows me to rediscover myself … experiencing, feeling emotions that I have not experienced before.
A huge respect and appreciation Peter for your heart, passion and commitment, without which this massage
Would not be so wonderful! Greetings and highly recommend!

Stała Klientka

Expedition. This you can said about tantric massage in Piotr. It was not only a logistic expedition, because
I came to Piotr from Gdynia. First of all, massage at Piotr’s was an expedition for a part of my manhood. Already
from the threshold you could feel the wonderful atmosphere and unique space which Piotr created in his office. Not
I did not know what to expect, because at the instigation of my girlfriend, I went for my first massage
tantric massage, done by a man. When the massage began and I entered the breath and the body, of course I was
led to where I was supposed to be. I met my inner warrior and this
experience I will not forget, because this Warrior has always been in me, only now he was released and with him my
masculine energy. After a strong encounter with this masculine energy, the feminine part of me also appeared. Both
Both energies caused me extreme emotions: the warrior – anger at what had been blocking me so far and a surge of power to
action and loud cries of anger, and the Female Energy – it brought me comfort, peace, security, blogging and purification.
security, blogosity and a cleansing cry. Then these two energies have merged into one, and all this journey by
Peter’s massage. I have also learnt, that by entering into the massage and breath, the backbone disappears, and in certain spheres of the
of oneself, as in the journey to the Inner Warrior, only a man can lead a man. Gentlemen, I recommend!
I will be back. I heartily recommend!


Hello, I’d like to share what I’ve recently experienced… I’ve been getting massages for a few years, I’ve tried many different ones,
in fact with many massage therapists… In my constant search for something new, I came across Mr Peter… I thought that we
myself, but what I experienced during the tantric massage is difficult to describe in words…
for you and your passion. I recommend Goroco, because it’s not just a massage, it’s magic, ritual, a wonderful experience…
I add that the massage lasts a few hours, the price is really affordable …. Peter, I am very happy that I had the opportunity
I can not wait for the next meeting. Greetings
Best Regards


Massage at Piotrek’s is an extraordinary experience…I don’t know if I can find the right words for it…he does it with such passion,
He does it with such passion, attention, sensitivity and sensuality that it really is something special.
I have had many massages, but the one at Piotr’s is one of the few that I have received the most, the most:) I recommend his enchanted hands with all my heart
and thank you once again:)


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