Tantric Massage Course

15 – 19 February 2023.

Tantric Massage Course – Information

The course of basic tantric massage aimed at expanding and experiencing

Date: 15 – 19 February 2023.
Place:Workshop centre in Bory Tucholskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodship
Price: 1600 PLN / Person
Board and lodging: approx. 230PLN/person/day
(board: 3 meals a day/ vege cuisine; fees for stay and board are collected by the owner of the centre)


To sign up for the course you need to fill in the APPLICATION FORM and wait for ACCEPTANCE of the application from our side.
After the acceptance, you will be asked by email to pay the deposit of 500 PLN (the order of payments decides about the reservation of a place)

More about the Course – Tantric Massage Course

The course is aimed at people who:

  • want to learn basic tantric massage
  • want to learn the basics of tantric body work
  • want to widen the spectrum of feeling pleasure and introduce new qualities into intimate relations with a partner
  • massage therapists who want to deal with professional tantric massage and use its qualities in their work

Basic Tantric Massage is dedicated to beginners in the field of tantric massage. It is geared towards expanding pleasure and experiencing bliss through tender and attentive touch. This massage is the starting point of this unusual, multidimensional form of touch. Its purpose is to harmonise the masculine and feminine energies, to raise the life energy and distribute it in the body so that it can integrate within.

This massage is an introduction to temple transformative bodywork, a form of respecting nudity and honouring the intimate dimension of the human body.

Basic Tantric Massage / connection through the heart. During the massage the woman puts her hand in the middle of the man's chest and he puts his hand in the middle of the woman's chest.
Basic Tantric Massage / connection through the heart

Tantric Massage Course Programme – Basic

  • Learning an introductory ritual to prepare the body for working with tantric touch
  • Learning how to perform a tantric full body massage focused on sensations of pleasure, relaxation, bliss, tenderness
  • Getting to know the rules of a safe session: setting the physical limits of the massage, practice of giving and receiving touch
  • Learn the body map with the division into female and male zones of the human body
  • Basics of energy flow in the body
  • Getting acquainted with the subject of life energy, methods of raising and maintaining it in the body
  • Learning how to combine or harmonize feminine and masculine energy in the body through massage
  • Learning to guide energy in the body through massage
  • Conscious breathing practice and how to manage energy in the body through breathing
  • Meditations in dance
  • Practices to facilitate entry into pleasure through touch and the release of the voice

This course is designed for those ready to work with nudity during a massage session.

The course also includes basic tantric practices, which are an essential part of learning professional tantric massage.


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