Kashmir Massage Course

28 September – 02 october 2022

Kashmir Tantric Massage Course

The tantric massage course focuses on widening
a spectrum of pleasure, bliss and exploration of intimacy.

Date: 28 September – 2 October 2022
Place: Workshop Centre in Bory Tucholskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province
Price: 1400 PLN/person.
Board and lodging: approx. 190 PLN/person/day
(board: 3 meals a day/ vegan cuisine, gluten-free; fees for accommodation and meals are collected by the owner of the centre)


To sign up for the course you need to fill in the APPLICATION FORM and wait for ACCEPTANCE of the application from our side.
After the acceptance, you will be asked by email to pay the deposit of 400 PLN (the order of payments decides about the reservation of a place)
DEADLINE FOR PAYMENT OF THE DEPOSIT: until 9th September 2022.


PLACES FOR MEN: 3 free places

Kashmir Tantric Massage Course – Who is it for

The course is aimed at people who:

  • want to learn how to massage their partners
  • become familiar with the basics of working with sexual energy through touch
  • couples who want to bring new qualities to the sharing of intimate touch and thus deepen their relationship
  • who are professionally engaged in massage and want to deal with professional tantric massage

Kashmiri massage originates from the northern part of India. It was brought to Europe and evolved here. Originally it was a prelude to a sacred act in which the feminine and masculine could unite, raise their physical bodies to rarer densities and transform in higher energy frequencies. This massage is an extremely intimate art of enveloping the body receiving the touch. The positions in which the Kashmir massage takes place provide an opportunity to dissolve negative associations and fears associated with intimacy, which automatically activates vital energy. Working with proximity, breath, tender and attentive touch gives a sense of security and opens up to layers of multidimensional feeling of pleasure on the bodily, mental and energetic levels rarely encountered in everyday life.

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Man and woman during Kashmir massage in jab jum position

Kashmiri massage / Jab Jum position

Kashmir Tantric Massage Course Programme:

  • learn the principles of setting boundaries, giving and receiving touch

  • discussing the basics of energy flow in the body and the basic chakra system

  • learning an introductory ritual for working with sacred sexuality

  • learning the Kashmir tantric massage of the whole body

  • individual breathing practices (learning the circulation of energy in the body)

  • male-female breathing practices in pairs (Siva-Siakti breathing)

  • spontaneous guided dance

  • working with the voice as a tool for expressing emotions

  • Elemental massage practice to learn about the different qualities of touch, increasing the spectrum of possibilities in massage

The course is designed for those ready to work with nudity and intimacy during a massage session.

The course syllabus also includes basic tantric practices, which are part of the course and are necessary to professionally lead a massage session.


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