Why is it worth it? - Tantric massage

discover the power and effectiveness of tantric massage

What distinguishes a tantric massage and why is it worth it?

  • The aim of tantric massage is transformation in a broad sense, by working with the body on 3 levels: physical, energetic and mental, influencing the body in such a way that it can change what does not serve us to what strengthens us, bringing to consciousness what is unconscious or enlightenment.
  • Tantric massage works with the whole energy system at the level of the body (nervous system) and in its aura, and makes the energy in the body flow freely, without interference.
  • It includes work with sexuality in the physical and energetic dimension, which makes the transformation process more efficient and is a valuable educational experience in this area: it gives the possibility to get to know sexuality in a broader perspective, not limiting it only to the intimate parts or to release tension, but to experience it in the whole body, to maintain the energy or to raise and harmonise it, to understand anew its meaning as a creative energy
  • For people for whom sexuality evokes negative associations, it enables them to experience, transform, accept its animal aspect and enter into the feeling of pleasure, to allow themselves to enjoy it
  • It can also be a valuable spiritual experience, paying homage to the body
  • It is a valuable teaching of acceptance of the body (nudity, intimacy and above all its natural aspect)
  • It is an opportunity to meet with conscious or unconscious fears, anxieties, difficult experiences (which, for various reasons, have been repressed or rejected) and to reprogram them in such a way that they serve us instead of being an obstacle
  • It is a valuable lesson in observing and listening to the body, how, when in touch with it, we can consciously respect its needs without abusing ourselves, how we can learn to control our emotions without giving in to instincts that don’t serve us
  • It can be a lesson of communication about one’s needs and limits, of openness to experience oneself free from social conditioning, norms, judgements, to be able to rely on individual experience
  • You can transform the negative into positive, loosen what is tense, change fear into courage, come out of the shadows and stand in the fullness of inner power
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