A man once came for a Lomi massage and asked me culturally if I would mind if he did some voice work during the session. I hesitated for a moment… and although I did not know what awaited me, with typical for me understanding for the client
I said: Of course! :)…

The massage began. I made the first few movements spreading the oil and after a while I hear: – “Aaaaaa…”, “Aaaaa…!”, “Aaaaa…!!”…. However, I let myself be surprised.


Although I gave my consent, this was not how I imagined working with the voice. My head was producing different scenarios of future events. Fear ran through the body. – “Aaaa…!” Vigilance set to maximum capacity. – “Aaaa…!” What will it be? What will it be?!… I keep on massaging.

I breathe and watch to see if his hands move towards me. I massage his back, his arms, his legs, and his body doesn’t move a bit, only with each exhalation he lets out another sigh using his voice…. With each, successive movement my emotions calm down, with each breath he builds trust and understanding… I begin to listen to the sound, to my body and accept what has come to me. The sound: “Aaaa…” is no longer the same as at the beginning. The back of the body.

The front of the body. – “Aaaa…” End of the session and silence… This is how the first, still unconscious transformation took place in me. After the session, the man thanked me sincerely for the massage and for his understanding. He said that he wanted to take a break from the female energy and therefore needed a male touch. That was the first time I heard from him about tantra, and a few years after the meeting about tantric massage.

I analysed the matter on the basis of the then residual knowledge from the Internet. Wanting to experience new erotic sensations – I will not pretend to be a saint – from a naked professional, full of excitement I went for a massage. Although I was expecting something closer to an erotic massage at the time, I received something completely different. It was a gift from the universe: a professional tantric massage, which completely changed my approach to the body and its limits, nudity, sexuality, massage, energy in the body and around the body, excitement, pleasure and its location.

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