Everything was fine until I was lying on my stomach, but when I turned over onto my back I became increasingly irritated because I constantly had to control whether I was going to fall off the table.

Fear of the New

Fear of the new, control is a natural human defence reaction, but it happens that excessive fear and lack of trust in anything makes us unable to move forward. Control becomes so ingrained in us that we control almost everything, especially our bodies, because we are afraid. Of what?

It starts innocently enough with learning to adapt to the rules of everyday life:

When we cross the road, we grab Daddy’s hand… Don’t eat so many sweets, or you’ll have a tummy ache… Don’t drink so much, or you’ll pee at night… Wear slippers, or you’ll be sick… Don’t run, or you’ll fall over… and if you fall over, you’ll soil your trousers!… Hurry up, or you’ll make me late for work! Don’t cry… Don’t shout or I’ll go deaf!!!
The program is installed. Here we go. Tiiiiii…!!!!

How you driving Snowman!…

By lying on your back you open up what is most precious to you, your body and your heart. The front of the body is extremely sensitive to feel and touch. Just under the skin are the internal organs, which take an active part in the vital, digestive processes. Our energy filters and transmitters are located here, which is why we are so anxious to protect them. In situations of danger we curl up.

Lomi Lomi and Hawaiian shamans

Hawaiian shamans practicing Lomi Lomi Nui massage believe that our past is written on the front of our body, because it can be seen. Our way of perceiving the world and how we react to our surroundings determines the functioning of our intestines, stomach or heart and the flow of energy in the body

Lying on your back, on the table, during a Lomi Lomi massage session is for some a great trial. An attempt to trust the person giving the massage and to give up control. And Lomi massage offers special conditions in this respect ? One can have the impression that the body wraps itself around the table or floats above it.

But it is worth giving up, going through this trial, because in this way we learn to let go and trust what happens to us. This is a process that sometimes takes many sessions. Only then the body starts to let go of what it does not need and does not serve, what was installed in the process of social domestication, so that new
new. ?

Aloha ️ ❤

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