Have you ever considered going for a Tantric Massage because you have heard a lot of interesting yet contradictory information about it that arouses your curiosity but does not inspire your confidence?

There are many myths and misconceptions about this very intriguing type of bodywork. Its name is often used by those who perform erotic massage, but there is much talk about its uniqueness, spirituality and sanctity.

What is tantric massage?

So what is it all about? This massage derives from the word “tantra”, which meant “weaving, expanding” and old philosophical and spiritual texts from Indian or Buddhist tantrism, which contained descriptions of practices aimed at, among other things, human development, expanding consciousness and leading to enlightenment.

Today it is difficult to determine what form tantric massage took in the past and under what name it originally appeared. One thing is certain, however, that it originated
One thing is certain, that it comes from cultures in which working with the body by touch was very important.

It was brought to Europe and we can say that it was here that it
It was brought to Europe and one could say that here it was popularised and evolved as a tantric or neo-tantric massage which involves working with the body on many levels: physical, mental and energetic.

Its aim is a wide transformation in the heart space through the body, leading to purification or healing of a person. It includes work with nakedness, life energy, work with intimate parts, with the whole body, where there may be hidden fears, traumas from the past, unspoken emotions, resulting from assumptions, social programs, inherited family patterns that block development and disrupt life functions of a person.

From the point of view of a person who has never experienced tantric massage, it is often difficult to decide to go for such a massage, because it is quite an intimate kind of body work, which, in order to decide to go for it, one has to break the patterns connected with self-criticism and fears imposed from the outside. A step into the unknown and
not knowing the person who is going to lead the sessions, additionally fuels

However, it is worth breaking through and taking the first step. A telephone conversation or an exchange of e-mails with the person who will conduct the session may dispel your doubts and make it much easier for you to make a decision. It’s best to start with gentle sessions, so that you can find out how much it suits you in a safe way.

Step 1: Senses Wide Open

 A basic session for beginners, introducing the world of tantric massage, including a Ritual to harmonise the body and prepare it for work. During the massage we have the opportunity to get used to nudity, intimacy and allow ourselves to feel pleasure in the whole body.

This session is an extremely beautiful form of homage to the person receiving the massage, during which the feminine and masculine energies are combined and balanced. “Senses…” can be experienced repeatedly and each session seems to be different until we are ready for the next step.


Kobieta jest masowana piórkiem podczas masażu tantrycznego

Step 2: Kashmir Massage

Kashmir massage is aimed at awakening of vital energy, feeling of pleasure and its uniqueness is based on introducing us into selfless bodily closeness – wrapping the body. This closeness gives a field of possibilities to get rid of: negative associations connected with it, fears programmed by general social norms, barriers connected with gender, body and partner dependence.

This session is about learning to accept touch, to allow intimacy without guilt, self-criticism and to enjoy it. When we feel that we are fully integrated with experiencing pleasure, we can allow ourselves to have sessions leading to healing.

Tantra, pozycja Yab Yum.

Step 3: The Fire Snake Dance

Massage ritual, focused on healing. It can be done after harmonizing sessions, introducing into the world of tantric massage (Senses…, Kashmir), after overcoming barriers connected with nudity, intimacy or closeness. The serpentine session is about entering the serpentine energy, inviting and embracing our inner animal aspect that has been repressed, rejected, considered bad or inappropriate in the process of social domestication.

This massage is about facing one’s repressed part, which often evokes negative associations, to embrace it in the heart and accept it as part of our being, which becomes something that serves us rather than hinders us. In order to let
to let the unspeakable speak so that it can leave. Then cleansed, free from fear, we stand in the fullness of inner power and in the creation of existence. The session includes a massage of the intimate parts together with a chakra cleansing.

Masażysta w trakcie wykonywania tantrycznego masażu taniec ognistego węża masuje klientkę.

Step 4: Birth of the Dragon

A massage ritual focused on healing. It is an act of transformation, comparable to the transformation of a pupa into a butterfly, the death of the old and the birth of a new quality, freeing up space in the inner space, immersing oneself in emptiness, so that a breath of freshness can then take hold. Here fear gives way to courage and the inner power of creation. We are born again in sync with our animal aspect.

After the transformation in the heart, the dragon energy is born in us, for which fears, anxieties or various mental obstacles are forgotten. A dragon that stands in full power, that burns away what is superfluous so that new life can emerge.Before each session, the purpose and physical boundaries in the massage are defined during the initial conversation. It is possible to narrow the physical boundaries during the session following the principle of non-abuse.

Kobieta leży na materacu przykryta chustą, masażysta trzymając za dłonie rozpościera ręce kobiety w trakcie masażu tantrycznego

I invite you to individual massage sessions that are components of the Holistic Tantric Massage Programme: Senses Wide Open, Kashmir Massage, Joni Massage, Dance of the Fire Snake, Birth of the Dragon.

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