• How do you feel?
  • I feel great. I will admit to you that I also massage Lomi, but after what I got from you I will never dare to do this massage again.
  • Why not?
  • Because I can not even a substitute for what you do with the body. I was learning this massage for 2 days and I wonder, if what I am doing is Lomi massage at all?

More than 15 years ago, after the transformation of Poland, there was a space for luxury. Those compatriots who had managed to save a considerable amount of money while living abroad began to return to Poland and build hotels with spa facilities. Access to foreign capital led to the establishment of private massage schools that employed various specialists in many fields. There was a fashion for exotic, oriental and relaxing massage. We absorbed everything that was new. The more foreign the name, the more popular the service. Among many novelties and linguistic-artistic creations, Lomi Lomi massage appeared. The name, funny and catchy for some but sometimes difficult to remember, made this massage one of the most popular training services in private massage schools. A lot of massage therapists appeared on the market offering Lomi Lomi.
The trouble was, however, that the training lasted from 2-4 days and the teacher’s knowledge of Lomi was not very high. In many cases this massage had little in common with Hawaiian massage except that it used the forearm, smooth body movements and Hawaiian music coming from the speakers. This is also why it has been given the nickname of relaxation massage, which is highly unfair to this remarkable massage art, which is in fact the temple massage Lomi Lomi Nui.

To this day we are still struggling with the difficulties. In many massage outlets, you may come across a service called Lomi Lomi, which is actually a spa-type version of Lomi, and the price for it is almost identical.

Kamienie jeden na drugi w tle ocean hawajski, symbolizują przodków.

Lomi Lomi massage – a tool for working with the body

Fortunately, we have teachers coming to us who pass on knowledge and traditions that come straight from Hawaii. Serge Kahili King – the founder of Aloha International has published many books on the traditions, rituals and ancient philosophy of Huna, Lea Kawaikapuokalani in a masterful way teaches Hula dance, Susan Pa’iniu Floyd leads Kino Mana workshops along with teaching Hawaiian temple massage Lomi Lomi Nui, derived from the family tradition of Abraham Kawai.

At the moment in Poland there are already many teachers, who on behalf of Aloha International conduct workshops Kino Mana and professional courses of Lomi Lomi Nui for beginners. The knowledge and experience gained during these 10-day workshops is invaluable.
Course participants receive a solid foundation in Lomi Lomi. The main idea of this massage is the so-called transformation, the change, the symbolic death of the old, so that the new can be born. That is why, during the training, the students themselves undergo an inner revolution, they verify and change their previous views on life, they experience a massage session lasting several hours, they exchange touches and remarks. They learn from the instructor and from each other. They learn basic movement to improve the energy flow in the body, they learn passive movements of the limbs to relax the joints, they learn the palpation anatomy of the body and how to use the weight of the body at work, according to the principle to take care of others, first take care of yourself. Based on the basics, they also get the freedom to create this massage and use individual ideas in it. They learn about the culture and tradition in which massage originated. They expand their consciousness, learn the principles of achieving inner harmony and practice them in order to be able to conduct massage sessions in connection with the heart and in accordance with the Aloha message. The main advantage of this training is that it takes place in close proximity to nature, in places away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, because in these conditions you can listen to yourself, calm down, harmonise with nature.
After the basic 10-day course, Lomi practitioners improve their skills with teachers from Hawaii where, under the supervision of Kumu (the teacher), during subsequent multi-day workshops, they deepen, consolidate and correct what has been taught to them before. They prepare themselves to work with the body on deeper levels: working with subtle energies, with what the eye cannot see.

Lomi Lomi online massage course ?

That is why no 2-day training, no online Lomi Lomi massage course from YT videos or Lomi SPA massage course in a private facility under the supervision of the ministry of education, which should not even be offered under the name of Lomi Lomi, is able to offer as much as learning Hawaiian temple massage Lomi Lomi Nui in the system of Aloha International or learning from other sources native to Hawaii.

However, sometimes it is impossible to avoid mistakes. It is important to realise that there is more to this massage than just the kissing and stroking characteristic of relaxation massage, and before you put it in its drawer, it is worth experiencing it from hands that are properly trained for it. Isn’t it better to get a good idea first, before spending the same amount of money for a massage on a completely different level, which only has a common name with Lomi Lomi massage?

I wish you to make informed choices.