I sometimes get calls from clients with back pain and they want to book an appointment for a classical massage. I try to be understanding about their choice, but nevertheless suggest Lomi Lomi Nui? After which I often receive the answer without hesitation:

– But my back hurts, I don’t think a relaxing massage will help me…. My face is probably priceless. Work, energy, sweat, sore muscles, preparation, meditation, commitment… fly away and hide in the clouds, as if someone pressed a button with a smear function, but I take a deep breath and come back ? yhm… Lomi Lomi Nui massage comes from Hawaii and it may give a feeling of relaxation, but it is not a so called relaxing massage, which can be shared with anyone after watching a video on YT or after 2-3 days of the course. Lomi Lomi Nui is something more than a classic massage, and even more than the massage itself.

If you would like to experience a massage, feel free to contact me ?

Ikona mikrofonu masażysty i kartki z tekstem

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