“I’m in paradise” and it’s not because I received a massage, but because I had one. In principle I should feel tired, but I don’t. Why? Because my motivation was not to give a technically correct massage, but to give everything I would like to be given: bliss, gentleness, tenderness, closeness, care, selfless love…. What I gave, it came back to me. 


Lomi Lomi massage practice and courses


The practice of Lomi Lomi massage is my personal path of development. Since I have been doing it, almost everything in my life has changed: surroundings, interests, values, work, friends. This, of course, involved stepping out of a familiar and optimally safe living space, which was not easy at the beginning because everything around me was, to put it mildly, against these changes.

I was a little cornered, divided between what was in my head and what was in my heart. But I decided to trust the mysterious whispers of my feelings, to put into practice what my heart had opened, what I had learnt during the Lomi Lomi Nui massage workshops and courses.

So I took a broom in my hand and started to clean up my home. I knew that in order to regain the connection with my heart I had to start from my head – where the mess was the most. However, to clean up in my head, I needed to relax my body. It’s like pouring a special liquid that is supposed to peel away stagnant dirt from surfaces.

Giving a Lomi Lomi massage, I cleaned what was hiding in the corners of my mind, what was invisible and unconscious, and what was lying in plain sight, I removed inspired by the ancient knowledge of Huna, directing my attention towards positive thoughts and learning to use words that serve me. 



Masaż potylicy w trakcie kursu lomi lomi

Teaching Lomi Lomi


The clients changed and I changed with them. Their faces, beaming with happiness after the massage, were the greatest and pleasantly surprising reward. The more I massaged, the smaller my stride became and I felt more and more connected to my heart.

Of course, when I needed to prove my professionalism and precision to others, I fell into the trap of abusing myself.

Today I have more peace, consideration, humility, love, power, trust and courage in me. If I have several chairs at the table to choose from, I try to sit on a different one each day to feel what the world looks like from a different perspective, to not give in to habits and patterns, and thus follow the change with more ease. 

I decided to teach Lomi and I know that there is an as yet undiscovered thing about it, but I am also convinced that there is an extraordinary need to share the passion, that selfless, motherly enveloping and pure in intention touch.

What is important in this work is to trust, to love yourself as you simply are in a given moment, then Lomi Lomi massage heals the massage and the masseur receiving it, then it is a gift for you and for me.


Lomi Lomi Nui Course


Although the Lomi Lomi Nui massage course is based on the Aloha International programme, I have taken the liberty of dividing it into 2 different modules in order to move from this separation towards connection. To start from the level of mind that we Europeans are on and from which it is easier for us to learn.

That is why we start with cleaning, tidying up the mind and cleansing the body through the so called “releasing the flow” (module 1 of the course), in order to be able to “open the heart” (module 2) and thus improve the communication between what is in the head and what is in the heart, achieve balance, harmony and the state of Aloha.

I call this workshop The Power of Touch because this particular type of touch is very effective and has a multidirectional effect. It is a power that works like a feedback loop and that manifests in two directions, from heart to head – from head to heart, from body to mind, from body to body, from the masseur to the massaged and vice versa.

Lomi is a gift to you and to me.

Najbliższe Szkolenia i Kursy


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