We walk along a stone, winding path, running along the steep shore of the Adriatic Sea. The omnipresent sounds of cicadas, the smell of pine trees and the September sun – this is my paradise.

– There is no one here. Do you think I could take off my bra?
– Sure…
…uh, put your bra on. There are some people on the beach.
– Do you see what I see?
– They’re naked…
– What do we do? Do we go to them?
– You just have to undress…

– Let’s go.

Naturist beach

We sat on the edge of the beach. We pretended it was not the first time. My heart is pounding like crazy. I can’t remember when it took me this long to get my swim trunks off. We exchanged a few welcoming glances. Good morning, it is so beautiful here… We are sitting… Head turned towards the sea, but eyes looking at everyone and everyone alone. And they are lying down, sleeping, reading books, talking, swimming… tall, short, wide, narrow, more or less tanned, with scars, sags of skin, freckles, without make-up, shaved, overgrown… all, as they were created to do, enjoy the benefits of the sun and nudity. It is not unusual for them to be without clothes.

A step towards change

Time is running out… Time for a swim. I enter the water as if I were entering a stage and forgot the lyrics. With difficulty I avoid sea urchins. I feel the assessing eyes of the audience on me. I look at the beach. No one is looking. I speed up. A few more steps and… I pull my feet off the bottom… I swim and in an instant everything changes. What made it difficult so far disappears… I swim. Water embraces me. I feel it everywhere, especially in places where it hasn’t reached so far through my briefs. It is extraordinary and unprecedentedly light, as if a bird started to fly. Everything has suddenly become simple. It’s seemingly just swimwear, but this compressive rubber, this intrinsic material that hindered the flow of oxygen, irritated the sensory receptors, unnaturally increased the temperature and disrupted the flow of energy. And you would think that in the bath you could feel the same, but nothing could be further from the truth. There is more space here. Here there are others naked like me…. free, joyful, free.

This experience showed me that a naturist beach is certainly not a nightclub, that one can have a completely different attitude to nudity and that nudity in a tantric massage is not the same as in a sexual act.

What is nudity in tantric massage?

What is nudity in tantric massage? It is the courage to shed clothes. A nudity in which we learn to accept our body in the form it is in at the moment. A process that facilitates acknowledging it to oneself, the person conducting the session and others. A way of saying to the body: “yes, this is me”. Giving oneself a chance to look at it anew, to change previous perceptions of the body resulting from fashion, media beauty standards, social arrangements and family programmes. An opportunity to say “enough” to negative associations. Throwing off the shackles of the agenda: “I am for this, that and the other…”. Freedom…

Bodily nudity in tantric massage is enveloped, honoured and sanctified so that we let go of our fears of judgement and let go of ourselves. We can be honest with ourselves, we can stand up with courage to admit everything that is human: weaknesses, embarrassing tastes, wounds, roles of executioner and victim, entanglements, stumbles and failures, downs and ups, views and emotions.

In nakedness we have no way out, we cannot hide anything from others or ourselves. We can give ourselves the right to emotions, to physiological reflexes (e.g. erection or orgasm – if they appear, which is not a goal at the same time), to breathe freely, to express emotions with our voice, to everything that shapes our nature.

Mindfulness and openness in tantric massage

An important aspect of working with nudity during a tantric massage session is to pay particular attention to being mindful in this openness, to stay in touch with oneself, to not abuse oneself, to be able to fully consciously define physical boundaries before the massage and to give oneself the right to possibly narrow rather than expand physical boundaries during the session. This right to define boundaries builds confidence and inner power, and gives us the opportunity to let go of the fear of being overstepped or taken advantage of.

If we acknowledge and accept all aspects of nakedness: physical, mental and spiritual, we begin to accept them, until at a certain point we notice that everything that made us uncomfortable so far in nakedness starts to disappear, that everything transforms in pure love for ourselves and others.

Are you going out on stage or on a naturist beach? The decision is up to you.

I invite you for a tantric massage.