My spiritual awakening through touch.

One day, when everything seemed unnatural, false and not mine in me, when I felt that if I didn’t make a decision to change anything, I would shatter into pieces, I decided to do things my way. Now it turns out that this was the first step back to myself, towards connecting with my inner honesty, remembering myself, manifesting myself in authenticity, connecting with the boy who enjoyed every sip of carbonated water from the siphon and the time spent with his friends running after the ball.


Mum and Dad

It is dark and safe, blissful and peaceful. Suddenly, the space in front of me curves, forming a funnel that begins to suck me in. The particles of cosmic molecules pick up speed and pull me into the tunnel. I am heading into the unknown. As if I were in the suction pipe of a hoover. When I notice that the speed of my being in space is beyond the limits of my fear, I open my eyes in horror. I see white feathers hovering above me…

It’s all right now. It’s all right now. I feel peace returning to me. My mother cuddles me in her arms. In bodily closeness, I receive enormous doses of love, warmth, wrapping, care, tenderness.

Hawaii lovely, Hawaii happy, Hawaii tell me I love you!

In a low voice, Dad sings a song that lulls me to sleep, that permeates every cell of my body and records itself as a tribute of gratitude for the arrival of New Life on earth. Mum’s caring touch, coupled with the sound of Dad’s warm voice, is the greatest gift from life I could receive. It is a parental code that will become my life gift.

Tantric massage reviews: “Senses wide open”. The session started with a talk, introduction, explanation of the essence of this massage. This created an atmosphere of understanding, safety, trust. This allowed me to open up more to the massage, to perceive it with every sense. It was beautiful to stimulate the senses in many ways including oriental music, the smell of incense, the warmth of candles, the touch of delicate feathers, hot towels, warm oil. If I had to describe this session I would say that it was a very subtle, deep, sensitive and full of presence touch. It is such a sensual journey.

Thanks to the atmosphere that Piotr creates and his masterful handling of the body of the person being massaged, you can learn to enjoy your carnality and sexuality. My life forces were awakened and all the blockages I had inside me, which stood in the way of feeling pleasure and bliss, were released. The beautiful thing is that each time I leave the massage from Peter full of good energy, positively tuned to life, to the world. I felt harmony and lightness.

Massage effects and full relaxation accompanied me for a long time. I recommend and wish that everyone let themselves experience such a massage to feel that you live ! Thank you, Peter !


Błękitna grafika, która wygląda jak oko lub galaktyka, symbolizuje duchowe przebudzenie.

Towards an adventure – heading outwards

  • Pete. Pete!
    I’m not Pete, I’m Peter.
    You cursed. Since I’ve known you, you’ve never done that. What’s the matter with you?
    I can swear too.

Since then, I have become a full-fledged member of the club of rejection, rebellion, pissing off, malice, derision, judging, mocking, swindling, accosting, pinching, pushing, drunkenness, fighting, bullying, standing for and against something, heroically pouring poisons into myself. The more and the more intense, the better, the more impressive. I could feel myself as the King of rock and roll in Depeche Mode’s trousers, relaxing to the desperate roar of The Cure. The guitar, the rock band, the singing, the big dreams, the garage, the lot, the mates, the rejection of everything fashionable and the feeling of rejection by the majority, the desire to draw attention to myself with otherness. I needed expression, I fed on it, and with the magic elixir of the gods I could have everything I needed for that moment, except a girlfriend.

Playing the job

  • Work. you have to have a job to live, to be independent.

I accepted that this was the way it had to be, that I could not manage otherwise. Where will I get the money from? I can’t spend my whole life taking from my mother, who lovingly gives, and with concern observes my difficulty in accepting a system of serving someone, no matter what conditions she offers me. Why is it that I find it so particularly difficult to accept this way of life when most of my peers had no problem with it….

I go in and pretend. Every day I get better and better at playing the role. In return for my dedication I get a phone, then a computer, and in a while a car. Money and a sense of security. I play and year by year I get further away from myself. I abandon myself for an average salary for those times, for more privileges, for more records on the shelf, better sound equipment, fashionable clothes from the gallery. I feel superior. I take care of my exterior. Girls look up to me. I can satisfy material needs and buy things that were not available to me before. I am dating. There are many women, but I cannot build a long-term relationship with any of them.
I start listening to whispers that awaken my dormant lack of worth. – Maybe there is something wrong with me? I am inadequate and inappropriate. A soft, weak, sensitive furball. No one wants me. I am alone.

I’m getting into a relationship where I’m fighting for my own and learning to accept at the same time. Hopefully for as long as possible. Maybe it’s the right thing to do? I measure the duration: 2 and a half years. The success and failure of abandonment without words. I am hopeless again… More and more lost, more and more abandoned, more and more shaky and scared. I discover that I am eating myself, that something inside is telling me:

  • Enough! Peter! Where are you?!
  • I don’t know…
Kobieta leży, ceremonia tantryczna jako symbol przebudzenia duchowego.

Przebudzenie przez dotyk – podróż do wewnątrz

The space around me curves. I am in a dark tunnel that begins to suck me in. Millions of photons take me on a journey into the unknown. My body falls into the abyss and accelerates driven by the cosmic force.

  • Alarm! Alarm!
  • What is happening to me!
  • The heart is accelerating.
  • How to stop it?
  • What to grab onto?

Through squinted eyelids I see white peacock feathers hovering above me. I feel the touch of warm hands moving over my body. The smell of incense, the rhythm of the drums, the caring energy of my family and the spirits of my ancestors support me in my birth process.

  • From now on, everything will be completely different.

Like a child delighted with a new toy, I discovered something that had long been within reach, but had gone unnoticed for quite a long time. I needed to die without ending my life in order to see the potentials that my parents had given me, gifts that no school could replace. I started by learning massage, first by working on a physical level, by honing manual techniques to relax the body. When I felt valuable and effective enough in this area, my intuition whispered:
– There is something more to discover there

Lomi Lomi Nui massage became a bridge to something much deeper, and working with tantric massage (or neo-tantric if you prefer) opened another door to working with the body on an emotional, energetic and psychosomatic level, working on much wider layers of humanity, thanks to which it is possible to change, transform, or Awaken through Touch. I can confidently call this process a manifestation of sincerity, authenticity and connection to what I “want” rather than “need”. Serving ourselves instead of serving others.

Many of us are not fully aware of the healing power of attentive, tender and respectful touch. That proximity, or simply cuddling with another person can change the frequency of our electromagnetic field. The self-triggering higher energy vibrations in the body begin the process of change. The body shifts and produces substances that begin to rebuild our structure on a physical, emotional and energetic level. This opens us up to accept much higher qualities and paves the way to other, forgotten dimensions of ourselves and the reality around us.

Woke up !