There is a lot of controversy and misunderstanding around these two types of massage, which means that tantric massage is often lumped into the same category as eo…tic massage, which is very unfair for this multidimensional form of bodywork.
What are the similarities and differences between these two forms of touch? What is the reason for the growing interest in this subject?

E…otic massage

E…otic massage involves massaging the whole body including the intimate parts. Its aim is to arouse excitement, which in turn should lead the recipient of this message to achieve a physical orgasm. The dominant energy in eotic massage is sexual energy in its physical or biological dimension. You do not need any special qualifications to perform an eotic massage: here I mean completing trainings or workshops preparing to work with this massage. All you need is a bit of willingness, a pinch of feeling and a connection on the sexual level between the person performing the massage and the recipient. Such a massage can also precede a sexual act, the aim of which is also to induce a physical orgasm, which does not mean that such an aim can be achieved.

Tantra praca z piórkiem energia seksualna w masażu tantrycznym

Similarities and differences – in massage and treatment of sexual energy.

Tantric massage covers the whole body including the so-called intimate zones. And although the massage of these zones is not necessary, it is possible and it is this similarity that makes this massage often confused with eotic massage. For this reason, many people find it difficult to separate these 2 forms of touch, and often find it hard to decide to go for such a massage. The main difference lies in the purpose and intention of tantric and eotic massage. Tantric massage aims to work with the body, mind and energy, to face difficult and painful subjects. Using sexual energy to heal, transform, deepen understanding, unblock the body etc. In the case of eotic massage, gratification and discharge are sought, sexual energy is reduced to tension to be discharged.

Sexual energy – the purpose of tantric massage and the role of sexual energy

Sexual energy – the aim of tantric massage is not to cause physical orgasm (although it is possible), but to raise the life energy in the body, to maintain it, and above all to resurrect the transforming processes in the recipient of the massage, to introduce life changes in accordance with our natural needs. In tantric massage we work with the whole human energy system, sexual or life energy is only a tool. However, due to the fact that in many social circles in the part of the world we live in, sexual issues are misunderstood and taboo (which often leads to various dysfunctions – blockages or accumulations of energy in the body), and our knowledge of this issue is limited to eotics itself, introducing sexual energy and intimate parts into bodywork processes, causes strong reactions and makes sexuality the dominant energy and effectively affects psychophysical and energetic processes occurring in the body. It is also worth noting here that sexual energy is not only eotics, but above all our inner power, life energy, creativity, creation, action and in the case of tantric massage this is only part of the work.



Masażysta obejmuje rękoma klienta, dotyka jedną dłonią stopy drugą trzyma na głowie podczas masażu tantrycznego.

Tantra – what is the multidimensionality of tantric massage

 Tantric massage is more sensual, sensual than eotic. It does not have to cause excitement at all, but it can (and this is an individual issue, depending on the recipient of the massage). It is more likely to evoke feelings of bliss, pleasure, inner joy.
The number and variety of types and techniques of tantric massage available nowadays makes this form of work with the body multidimensional and is also a great material to combine bodywork with coaching or psychotherapeutic sessions.

In tantric massage we can work:

  • acceptance of the body and self-acceptance on a psychological level,
  • overcoming barriers related to bodily proximity or nudity,
  • accepting touch, accepting pleasure and exploring it in the body,
  • opening the body to an ever widening spectrum of perceptions and sensations, opening up to insights that allow us to access our mental blocks, which can bring a lot of information to coaching or psychological work,
  • fears and inner conflicts that prevent us from moving forward in life, acting in harmony with ourselves or pursuing our passions.

Often a session of such massage can bring many benefits that we are not able to achieve by working from the level of the mind alone.

Masażysta masuje plecy kobiety w takcie masażu - tantra

Tantra how to start? – Preparation

Tantra how to start – in order to experience what tantra is or to perform tantric massage you need proper preparation and time. It is worth first to experience tantric massage on ourselves. Whether it suits us, to face personally in laboratories or workshops with our own blockades, inner conflicts or fears, in order to be able to maintain the sessions, which are sometimes difficult to maintain when sexual energy appears in them.

It is necessary to be attentive, to know in which direction to guide the movements in the massage, to have a feeling for the body in order to energise or silence the processes at the right moment during the work.
It is necessary to establish the limits of the work on a conscious level, even before the massage, and then to maintain them during the session. It is very important to provide a safe space and to allow the psychophysical expression coming from the body during the work, while respecting the reactions of the person receiving the massage.

For my part, I offer individual sessions of tantric massage, as part of the Holistic Tantric Massage Programme i.e. Senses Wide Open (working with body acceptance, pleasure, resurrecting life energy),

Kashmir Massage (working with intimacy and embracing pleasure), Touch of Fire (awakening the inner fire and life energy), Fire Snake Dance (working with fears and healing the inner shadow), Birth of the Dragon (combining animal and spiritual aspects, healing fears, transforming weakness into inner power.