In Search of Lomi Lomi

I have not been to Hawaii in this incarnation. There are those who claim that I was there in other incarnations, and it’s entirely possible, as otherwise, I wouldn’t have […]

I have not been to Hawaii in this incarnation. There are those who claim that I was there in other incarnations, and it’s entirely possible, as otherwise, I wouldn’t have been engaged in it for so long.

I don’t run Certified courses, but I do issue Certificates.

I teach massage, or more precisely, Lomi Lomi, originating from a shamanic transformational tradition once practiced by the Kahuni in Polynesia.

What is Lomi Lomi…?

Where might it have started, and what is it now?

Some say that long ago in Hawaii, women kneaded their partners’ bloated bellies to help them digest food stuck in their intestines. This practice was then called Lomi Lomi.

In French Polynesia, there was an art of touch known as Taurumi, where deep abdominal massage forms the basis of bodywork. Although there is a considerable distance between Hawaii and the Tahiti islands, it turns out that the culture, knowledge, and traditions are as similar as those of the inhabitants of Silesia and central Poland. But let’s get back to the abdomen, Lomi Lomi, and Taurumi…

The Mystery of the Abdomen

Just as for modern Europeans the most important part of the body is the Mind, for some the Heart, for Polynesians the center of the body and the world is the Abdomen. Polynesians believe that Mana, the inner power that determines our health, mood, and quality of life, is hidden in the human abdomen.

The indigenous inhabitants of Hawaii were almost completely wiped out, and with them, almost all knowledge of their fascinating traditions and culture disappeared. Today, we can learn more about Lomi Lomi from American books and training, and probably even more from French Polynesia.

They say that Lomi Lomi was originally abdominal kneading, which then evolved and was practiced by local Shamans in the form of touch, massage, or bodywork. It was passed down from generation to generation in various family traditions. For Hawaiians, Lomi Lomi was something akin to a sacred act, carefully hidden from newcomers from other cultures. Perhaps this is why we know as much about this extraordinary ritual today as we are able to understand and guess, or as much as the Hawaiians themselves have allowed.

So, is the Abdomen the key to unraveling the mystery of what Lomi Lomi really is?

The Lomi Lomi Phenomenon and European Hybrids

We know that Lomi Lomi was not originally performed on a massage table, but on the floor. The table was more associated with a place for preparing meals. The body was also not covered, as nudity was not a problem at that time. Lomi Lomi also evolved and had different variants. Its diversity was also reflected in the words added to the name Lomi Lomi.

Lomi Lomi performed with feet, Lomi Lomi with heated stones gathered on the seashore, Lomi Lomi in the form of Bodywork, Lomi Lomi Bone Wash, or the most known in Europe today, Lomi Lomi Nui, originating from the tradition of Abraham Kawai’i – Kahuna Bodywork, taught by Americans on massage tables with a cloth, which has already evolved here into various Hybrids, often having little in common with Lomi Lomi.

What we have in Poland today is a dominant form of Lomi Lomi in the Nui version, propagated by Aloha International and a proliferation of various forms of Lomi Lomi derived from Nui. Perhaps the inhabitants of our country in other incarnations were those lost Hawaiians, who are awakening within themselves what was once trampled by others, or perhaps we Poles have incredible creative abilities… Lomi Lomi facial, Lomi Lomi Spa type, therapeutic Lomi Lomi, Lomi Lomi Flow, Lomi Lomi Physiothe…

Some claim that today’s Hawaiians can learn Lomi Lomi from Europeans, and who knows – maybe there’s something in it.

Lomi Lomi along the Shamanic Path of Transformation

Recently, after meeting Mana Akitanga, I realized that my many years of experience with this type of bodywork stubbornly led me towards Lomi Lomi, originating from the shamanic path of transformation, where everything has its significance and is interconnected. In Polynesia, everything makes logical sense. What is on the surface is visible to the naked eye, but what is inside is hidden and requires a longer look. The human voice and the sequence of vowels intoned, the preparation of food, medicines from plants, knowledge of Polynesian gods, Huna, Lomi Lomi, and Dance, the earthly and the extraterrestrial are connected, and I am surprised when someone says that they have no relation… that touch alone is enough – although if they say so, it probably is for them.

Lomi Lomi from the shamanic path of transformation is a quality in which I feel at home, like a Dolphin in water, as Mana Akitanga said – like a Horse of Freedom, showing me the way… And here there’s no forcing mysticism or shamanism. It just comes naturally and is as it is, combining the earthly – what is available and visible to the naked eye, with the extraterrestrial – which requires a longer look to simply perceive.

Hence my Lomi Lomi Nui courses conducted in the transforming current in the Holistic version, Lomi Lomi ‘Ōu’a, or the unexpected movements of dolphins, known as Sensual Dance, where working with energy is extremely important. Bone Wash & Ha Breath and Ho’oponopono courses conducted by Mika Kaniho Kanehoalani, which include the spiritual dimension of Lomi Lomi. As a result of all this, the idea for a Master School of Lomi Lomi was born, encompassing a different view of Polynesian art of touch.

Why Do I Need Polynesia Here in Poland?

Sometimes I wonder why I need this Polynesia here in Poland and what is this all about?

Mana Akitanga’s grandmother – Taianapa, said to him: “You will help people in Poland restore their memory of their true roots.“ Perhaps in grandmother Mana’s words lies the meaning of what I am doing.

If you want to learn more, I invite you to my trainings, which you can find on the website:

Najbliższe Szkolenia i Kursy


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